Tar Surfacing North Riding, tar driveways North Riding

Tar surfacing North Riding (also referred to a ‘Tar and Chip’or TAC Paving) has a long history. Way before there were asphalt plants producing hot-mix, roadways needed structure and stabilization. For over 150 years, the simple technique of applying a thick layer of tar to a well-graded road base and covering it with aggregate was relied on to expand early road infrastructure at tar surfacing near me.

The increased use of Tar surfacing North Riding  and Paving has become the future of the global pavement industry.

Municipalities and across the globe have opted for tar and chip paving as the method of constructing new, low-traffic roads as well as preserving existing pavement surfaces to extend their lifespan.

Tar and Chip Paving is used confidently on low traffic roads because it offers a greater lifetime value with long-term use.

Tar surfacing North Riding  are the most low-traffic driving surfaces we have. A load-support grid is installed with your new base, thoroughly compact and laser-fine grade before paving. It is then installed to certified specification for roadways with a proprietary asphalt mix and topped with a speciality pavement coating.

Unlike asphalt, Tar surfacing North Riding  doesn’t lose its stone binders through UV exposure. That means it will continue to flex as the ground moves, long-term. The way asphalt deteriorates is first by sun oxidation of asphalt binders (asphalt turns from black to grey) and as the surface becomes more brittle and vulnerable to ground movement, it begins to crack. Once cracking begins, it’s near impossible to stop.

Because TAC pavement is created with layers of a proprietary liquid asphalt blend with aggregates on top, the sun is unable to oxidize the binder as it’s covered by stone. Likewise, your Tar and Chip pavements can be easily renewed at the end of their lifecycle with a cost-effective new layer. Your pavement will never need to be replaced, your original investment is no longer a sunk-cost and your Tar and Chip paving surface will only become stronger in the long run.

Tar surfacing North Riding