Tar and Chip paving for tar driveways Auckland Park is a low-cost substitute which is often used in place of asphalt for driveways. The paving surface is made using a liquid form of asphalt and stone. Tar driveways Auckland Park  is characterized by a rough texture, however, it offers more solidity compared to plain gravel.

This method of paving can last as long as 10 years and is quite low maintenance. Little upkeep is required with Tar and Chip driveways. Unlike asphalt, it doesn’t need to be repeatedly sealed and small cracks tend to heal themselves.

Though the name ” tar driveways Auckland Park ” might not be familiar, you almost certainly have seen driveways and roads built this way. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “driveway,” considering that concrete, gravel and asphalt are all more common paving choices.

Although it looks similar to asphalt, Tarand Chip paving uses a different installation process, in which successive layers of gravel, hot liquid bitumen asphalt, and more loose stones are laid over the surface and compressed. You have probably driven over miles of tar and chip roadways and parking lots, and this form of paving has a long history of successful use, especially in rural areas. In addition,it is a good driveway choice for those wanting to keep costs down.

Since it is primarily composed of tar driveways Auckland Park  and gravel, it is useful to compare the cost of a tar-and-chip surface to those other two options. A ‘TAC’ driveway will typically cost about twice as much as a gravel driveway and a little less than an asphalt driveway.

While tar driveways Auckland Park  makes for a cheaper driveway surface, TAC creates a harder, more durable surface, though it is considerably less durable than concrete.

The surface can be renewed every 10 years or so by spreading additional hot bitumen and loose stone.

Tar-and-chip driveways create a decidedly rustic look. They are most appropriate for rural locations or informal landscapes. Because they are relatively inexpensive, tar-and-chip can be a good paving material for locations with long tar driveways Auckland Park.