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Are you looking to find a painter but don’t know where to start or how to get the best price? Hire our Painters who can help! We provide you with the best painting service providers in your area, so all you have to do is compare prices and hire painters that are nearby. Our website is designed to make it easy for you to find a reliable local painter in your neighbourhood.


Time to Paint your home…

Painting your home can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. But why paint?

  • Paint can improve aesthetics. When you paint your home, you give it a whole new look and feel. You can choose the colour that best suits your style, the one that stands out among all the other homes in your neighbourhood, or you can go for a neutral colour to blend in with everything else.
  • Paint increases the value of your home. A fresh coat of paint can increase the value of your home by making it more marketable when you decide to sell it. A good paint job gives potential buyers the impression of a clean, well-maintained property.
  • Paint is an inexpensive way to change the look of your home. While remodelling costs tons of money, painting is generally much cheaper than tearing out walls and updating appliances or flooring. If you want to change things up without going through major construction projects, give your walls a fresh coat of paint!
  • Paint creates better air quality in your home. With all the different types of indoor pollutants that we deal with daily, having clean and healthy air in our homes is really important.

Paint your home

SAVE money with our Painting Contractors

Are you looking for affordable painting contractors? Let us help by connecting you with the best painting contractors in your area! We can match your needs to the right painting contractor at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a painter for commercial or residential, we want to make sure that you get the best deal and the best service.

Why choose our Painting Contractors?

  1. Our painters have a strong work ethic and great attention to detail.
  2. We provide high-quality work at a reasonable price.
  3. We use premium products that stay true to the original colour scheme of your home or business, and we guarantee that your painting project will be completed within the timeframe promised.
  4. Our painters are bonded, insured and licensed for all of your painting needs.

Discover – Painting Contractors near Me

Everyone loves a fresh coat of paint at their home or business. It can change the entire look and feel of your house. You might have asked yourself, “Where do I find the best painting contractors near me?” Our platform will help you find service providers in your area so that you can get the job done right.

Painting Pretoria @ your Service

There are many people out there who are looking to get painting in Pretoria done. If this is you, and you don’t have an idea of where to begin, then let us help you find service providers. We will take care of the rest.

We’ve compiled a list of prices for your convenience, along with contact information for those businesses. Don’t worry about calling them one by one to find out the prices and services they offer. We’ve already done that for you!

For a free price quote please call us or send us an email. Our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you!

Painting Johannesburg @ your Service

If you need a painter in Johannesburg, we’re here to help you find the best service providers. We’ve made it easy to find the services you’re looking for—just enter your zip code and our site will do the rest!

Let us HELP – Painting Companies Near Me

With the winter weather finally clearing up, getting your home ready for spring cleaning is a top priority. If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to do all the work yourself, so you’ll have to hire a company.

Let us help you find painting companies near me. Our website will give you a list of the top three companies in your area that can help you with all your painting needs. We’ll even give you a detailed quote on what they would charge for the job!

Rates you can Afford – Painting Rate per M2

The painting rate per m2 varies greatly depending on your location and floor area, so it is important to find a reliable service provider who will provide you with the best price.

Painting Rate per M2

We are a leading website that helps you find the right painters at the right price, we compare quotes from multiple service providers to ensure you get the best possible price.

Visit our site and fill in a short form to get free no-obligation quotes from top service providers in your area!

You’re in Luck – Painters near Me

Painting is a great way to change the look of your home, but it can also be very expensive. If you are on a budget and don’t want to pay too much for painting services, it’s a good idea to find cheap painters in your area first. Whether you want to hire an affordable expert to paint your kitchen cabinets or require a professional painter for your apartment, we can help you save money on these services.

The only thing you need to do is WhatsApp to see the list of professional service providers with their contact information and prices. We work with local painters from all over the country so that you have the widest choice possible.

The best thing about this service is that we take care of all the hard work for you by pre-screening professionals and choosing only those who have been rated positively by previous customers. So, if you are looking for reliable painters near me, make sure to check out our website!

Painters in Cape Town @ your Service

If you have a painting project in mind and you’re looking for painters in Cape Town, we can help. We’ve created this site to be a directory of all the skilled talent available through our network so that we can connect you with the right service providers for your needs. Browse through our database to find the right painter for your project, then send us a message and we’ll get back to you with some more information.

Painters in Durban @ your Service

We have a long list of contacts that we have collected over the years and that we are constantly updating.We take the time to meet with each of them, discuss your needs and give you an estimate. Yes, we make sure that all service providers on our listings are fully insured, and fully bonded, and that they carry all necessary certifications to satisfy the requirements of your building management.

By using our service, you will greatly increase your chances of finding a painter in Durban who can do a great job for you at a fair price. And we make sure that any painting company on our site is fully vetted to guarantee its reliability before we add it to our collection of local painters. Our goal is to help you find the best painter in Durban for the least amount of money possible.

Painters in South Africa @ your Service

Hiring painters in South Africa can be a difficult task, even for those who have years of experience. That’s why we’ve decided to build a platform devoted to connecting painters and property owners.

We have the expertise you need to make sure that your painting project is handled by professionals with a track record of getting work done on time and without errors. Our platform makes it easy for you to find the best service providers in your area so you can get back to living your life instead of trying to find a reliable painter in South Africa.

Painters Johannesburg @ your Service

Finding a painter in Johannesburg is easy. We have been helping people find service providers throughout South Africa for years. We are the largest online directory of contractors and tradesmen in the country, with thousands of entries to help you find the right person for your next project.

Painters Pretoria @ your Service

Our concierge can help you find service providers in your area. We work directly with local businesses to provide the best prices, and we do all the legwork for you. Our services are completely free and we can connect you to professional painters in Pretoria to help with any painting project.

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  • Durbanville
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  • Randburg
  • Cape Town
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  • Port Elizabeth
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  • Brackenfell

Looking for Exterior House Painting?

We provide a free service connecting consumers with providers of home services including the best rates on exterior house painting, interior painting and more.

Exterior House Painting

In today’s competitive marketplace, many home service providers are offering discounts to try to attract business. You can use our site to search and compare discount offers from painters, roofers and others. Our goal is to help you find the best deals on the best quality workmanship at the most affordable prices.

Get the Benefits of Exterior House Painting

House painting is a great way to make your house look new and more beautiful. Painting can also help increase the value of your home. Benefits of Exterior House Painting:

  • Increase the curb appeal of your house
  • Good investment for your home, as it will most likely increase the value of your house
  • It will improve the overall aesthetic look of your home
  • It is affordable. Most people think that exterior paint is too expensive. However, it’s not true! You can do it yourself and save a lot of money.
  • Painting your house gives you a chance to prepare for winter and summer. You can choose to paint before fall or spring when the weather improves. Therefore, you’ll be able to use less energy in your house during winter and summer because no one likes to use heaters in summer or fans in winter.

How much does it cost to get the outside of your house painted?

There are many advantages to painting the outside of your house. It can be a great way to freshen up the look of your home without having to spend a fortune on new doors, windows or even a new home. The average cost of exterior house painting varies from one place to another but it is possible to get a good quality paint job for under (R14 000).

If you are within budget, the most important thing is that you find a trustworthy company that will take the time to do high-quality work. This will ensure that you get the most out of your investment and that your house looks amazing for years to come. Make sure you look for companies which have experience in exterior house painting.

Looking for Interior House Painting?

Whether you’re looking for a painter, an interior designer, or have a specific service need, let us help you find the right professional for the job. Start by filling out the form below and we’ll do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

Get the Benefits of Interior House Painting

If you have ever thought of painting your home’s interior, you should know how important it is to paint a house from the inside out. The process of painting is not just about applying colour to the walls, but also about improving the energy flow within your home. Interior house painting freshens up furniture styles and can help you see new ways to use a room.

The Benefits of Interior House Painting are:

  • Eliminate Dust
  • Fresh New Look
  • Refresh Your Home
  • Protect your Furniture
  • Breathe New Life into Your Walls

Fast & Affordable Home Painting Contractors

Home painting is a costly investment. It would be ideal to have a perfect job done by an expert! But it can be a bit difficult to find a reliable service provider. You may end up spending a lot of money just to get the job done in time.

Home Painting Contractors

WhatsApp us – Home Painting Contractors is here to help you with our professional service providers. We will facilitate you in getting your home painted most efficiently. Just send us a picture of your home and fill out our form for us to get back to you with the best quotes from painters in your area.

Painting Contractors

Home Painting Contractors near Me@ your Service

Home painting contractors are experts in their field, and you can use our online directory to find one near you. Our home painters work on residential as well as commercial properties, and we’ve made it easy for you to find a painting contractor in your area. Whether you need exterior or interior painting services, our network of professional painters is there to help with all your needs.

We’ll help you find a top-rated contractor to work on your home project. Browse through our list of local painters and get free estimates from our pre-screened pros. You can also check out the ratings, reviews, and recommendations from other homeowners who have used these painters in the past. Use our professional directory to find the right painter for your project!

Paint Colour Consultation @ your Service

Colour Consultation is a process of designing spaces to create harmonious environments with paint colours. This is done by using a set of tools and techniques to choose from a range of palettes. Each palette has an assortment of colours that work well with each other, and that is meant to represent a mood or feeling.

Paint Colour Consultation

Why Coatings?

Coatings are materials or a mixture of materials applied to the surface of an object to make it more resistant to wear, damage, or corrosion. The term “coating” is also often used to refer to the resulting layer instead of the process. In some instances, the term coating can be used interchangeably with paint, however, it should not be confused with paint which is a liquid that can be easily removed. Coatings are generally permanent and do not need regular maintenance.

Waterproofing @ your Service

100% Waterproofing! Paint is a water-based, latex coating that can be used on any interior or exterior surface. It is easy to apply (just like regular paint!) and will provide a long-lasting, waterproof barrier against moisture, staining and Mould. We at our website can help you find service providers at affordable rates.


Which is the best waterproofing?

While you can paint almost any wall to make it waterproof, you won’t achieve the best results with a regular paintbrush. A roller is the best tool for putting on a smooth, even coat, and adding texture can help keep water from seeping through cracks in the paint. Different paints have special features that are meant to make them better suited than others—for example, some can be applied over concrete while others require a primer. Some paints contain a chemical called siloxane that makes them stronger and more flexible.

In terms of chemical makeup, there are four main types of waterproofing paints: acrylic latex, alkyd urethane, polyurethane, and silicone-latex. Each of these types has its pros and cons when compared to the others. Acrylic latex is usually less expensive than the other three and tends to dry faster, but since it’s made from latex it sometimes peels from walls if water is absorbed over a long period (it’s not recommended for bathrooms).

Alkyd urethane tends to be more expensive than acrylic latex but less so than polyurethane and has a longer lifespan—unlike acrylic latex, it won’t peel if water is absorbed over time.

BEST Guide – 4 Steps to Waterproofing

  1. Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the gutters or downspouts that are connected to your roof. If there is a nice thick layer of leaves or other debris, you might need to use a rake to clean it out.
  2. Clean the gutters and downspouts using a hose and sponge. You can also use a power washer if you have one available, but this is not necessary unless there is some build-up that you can’t remove with a simple hose cleaning.
  3. Apply sealant or liquid rubber to exposed areas. This includes all of the joints where the roof meets the gutters and downspouts, as well as any cracks or holes you may find along with these areas and on the ground. Make sure that you apply enough sealant to completely cover these areas, and try not to get any on your home’s exterior surface as it could damage it.
  4. Reinstall the gutters and downspouts where they were originally positioned once you’ve finished applying all of the sealant or liquid rubber.

How much does waterproofing cost?

Waterproofing is a very common practice in South Africa and is used as an additional layer of protection against water damage. The cost of waterproofing varies depending on the size of the area that needs to be waterproofed and the type of waterproofing material being used.

It ranges from as low as R 30 per square meter to over R 500 per square meter. An R300 per square meter budget is a good average for a basic job done with polyethene sheeting. In cases where the walls are not structurally sound, then it is recommended that you get them fixed before waterproofing, which can cost anywhere from R 1000 to R 1500 per square meter.

Looking for Waterproofing and Painting Contractors?

Waterproofing and painting contractors are professionals who specialize in waterproofing and painting. This is a job that requires specialized tools, knowledge, and experience. You can hire a waterproofing and painting contractor to do a variety of things for you. One of the most common things they do is waterproof the foundation of your house. Waterproofing the foundation involves using a few different techniques depending on what kind of foundation you have.

They also specialize in waterproofing basements, whether there is an active leak in your basement or if you are just trying to prevent one from occurring. They can also paint around your house’s foundation, which is typically done when people want to make it look nice by adding colour to it. Waterproofing and painting contractors also do other things such as paint the exterior of your home’s foundation, make repairs to plaster walls and paint stucco walls with a wide range of colours.

Hire the BEST! – Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing and Waterproofing is a process used to stop or prevent moisture from entering the interior of buildings and structures. When water mixes with the building materials, it can cause mould, mildew, rot, and corrosion. The presence of these elements within a structure can lead to not only the degradation of the building, but also the health risks associated with exposure to mould, mildew, and other fungi. The presence of water can also be damaging to interiors as it can affect woodwork and flooring. As water makes its way into a structure it begins to deteriorate whatever material it comes in contact with.

Hire our Damp Proofing Experts!

We have a list of reputable contractors on our website. They are all members of our trade association and are qualified to deal with your damp proofing needs. Call us today so that we can tell you more about our services and get you started with the right contractor.

Looking for a professional roof painter?

If you have a roof painted at your home, hire the services of a professional roof painter.

Hiring the services of a professional roof painter can make a huge difference in how your roof looks and how long it will last. Hiring a professional can save you money in the long run as well. It may cost you more initially, but it will save you money in the long run. They are professionals who know how to paint roofs. They know which type of paint to use and how to apply it.

To find service providers, post your job on our website

Roof Painting Contractors @ your Service

Finding a reliable roof painting contractor is not easy, which is why it’s so important to turn to the best contractor’s search engine. We make finding roof painting contractors simple and easy by allowing you to quickly find the best roof painting pros in your area. Roofing is an essential part of home maintenance–you don’t want to hire just any roof painter for your home. Many great online resources can help you find professional roof painting contractors who can give you the service you need.

Search for roof painting contractors with our free online service today!

Floor Specialists – Specialised Floor Coatings

Floor coatings have been around for centuries, but over the years, new types of floor coatings have become increasingly popular. Some of these are for additions to your home that can add a whole new dimension to your living space. For example, carpet tiles and wood veneer can both transform a room and are now available in a wide range of styles and textures

If you’re considering making renovations to your home, or just want to update your place with some of the latest trends in floor finishes and adornments, talk to our specialists about what options are out there. We’ll connect you with service providers who can help you make your vision a reality.

GET Wooden decking maintenance services Here!

Wooden decking is a type of composite that combines wood fibre, plastic and often an anti-rot chemical into one material. While this may sound like it will last forever, all materials need regular care to continue looking great. Most people opt to use the same wooden decking maintenance services every year so that their decks look as good as new throughout the year.

Wooden decking maintenance services can include deep cleaning and waxing which can be done with a power washer or by hand. The power washer will remove dirt and grime much faster but won’t give the finish the deep cleaning that’s needed. When finished with a power washer, you will likely have to do some work by hand to make sure your deck looks its best. With the right wooden decking maintenance services, you can protect your investment for many years to come.

WhatsApp – Wooden decking maintenance services

If you own a wooden deck and want to keep it in its perfect shape, there’s no way around hiring professional maintenance teams to take care of the task. However, some people are not sure about how to hire the most reliable and affordable maintenance team for their wooden deck.

If you feel confused about how to find the best company for your wooden deck, you should contact us on our website. We can help you find the best service that can deal with your deck properly.

Why choose us?

When you choose us for your painting project, you’re choosing a company that cares about your needs and wants. Think about what matters most for your painting needs.

We provide:

  • Quick and convenient online estimate requests
  • Free colour consultation
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-quality work
  • Professional customer service

People also ASK – About Painting

How much does it cost to paint a house in South Africa?

In general, painting the outside of a house in South Africa will cost between R10 000 and R30 000. The main factors that affect the price are the size of the property and the complexity of its exterior. Larger properties need more paint to cover them, while houses with irregular shapes need more time to work around their corners. Houses with lots of high windows, for example, are harder to paint than those with no windows above three meters.

How much does it cost to paint a house in South Africa

The price also depends on how well prepared the walls are for painting. If a house has previously been painted with water-based paint (rather than oil-based), it costs less to do so again. Cracks and holes should be filled with filler material before painting begins. Simple houses can be done in about two days, but more complex properties can take two weeks or more depending on weather conditions and how many people are working on them.

How do you contract a painter?

Depending on the painter’s experience, you can contact them via their website or a website that lists them. If the painter is not listed in any of those places, it is best to find someone recommended by someone you know who is a good judge of characters, such as a co-worker or friend.

What paint do most contractors use?

Most contractors use latex paint. It’s generally a little more expensive than acrylic, but it dries faster and is more durable. It’s also easier to work with, especially for things like cutting in around moulding. Acrylic paint is typically used on small projects, such as painting furniture or other household items.

Acrylic paint dries faster than latex, which makes it perfect for things like painting murals onto brick walls or the sides of buildings. One drawback of acrylic paint is that it can be toxic when mixed with certain solvents, so you have to be careful when using it on projects in public places (although this isn’t an issue with most household paints).

How do you negotiate with a painter?

When hiring a painter, you should always prepare a written contract for their work.

Include the following items in your agreement:

  • The name of the painter
  • The date of the job and how long it will take to be done
  • How much the job will cost
  • Painter’s responsibilities are (examples: caulking all cracks, priming, rolling and brushing walls)
  • What you as a homeowner need to do before the paint can be applied (examples: removing pictures, cleaning windows, vacuuming)
  • What colour(s) you’re choosing and what brand of paint you’re using (this is important as some paints may not work with certain tools, like brushes or rollers)
  • How many coats will be applied (if it’s just one coat, make sure that is specified in the contract!)

How much do painters charge per square metre in South Africa?

A painter’s basic charge is R100 per hour, with a minimum of two hours. This includes buying all the necessary materials, preparing, and cleaning up. An 80sqm house would cost between R5 000 and R7 000, depending on the amount of work involved (e.g., a very dirty paint surface will require more time than a clean one). If you want to add decorating touches like chair rails, cornice work or skirting boards then that would be extra. We generally charge about R50 per linear metre for any additional plastering or finishing work.

How many square meters does 20 Litres of paint cover?

The short answer is that 20 Litres will cover between 8.5-11 square meters depending on the brand of paint, the colour, and the surface being painted. If a wall is already in good shape and you’re just looking to touch up some minor imperfections and are painting over a white or very light colour, use the lower end of that range. If you’re trying to cover two walls in a room painted a deep shade of red, there’s no way you’ll be able to do it with 20L, so go with the higher amount.

How do I choose a painting contractor?

When it comes to choosing a painting contractor, the most important thing is to hire someone who will fully manage the job. This means that they’ll come out to your house and take a look at what needs to be painted. Then, they’ll explain how they’ll complete the job, all of their pricing, the time frame for getting the job done, and everything in between.

You want to work with someone who’s insured, has professional experience and will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved. A good contractor should be able to show you projects they’ve completed in your area and talk about references from happy clients.

What’s in a Painting Contract?

A painting contract is a legally binding agreement between a painter and a client that outlines the specifics of a job, including the materials to be used, the cost, and other details. A painter’s contract includes information regarding who provides various materials and equipment (such as drop cloths or scaffolding), how the location will be prepared before the painter arrives (such as moving furniture or covering windows), and how the job will be completed (for example, whether or not touch-ups are included).

Painting Contract

A good contract should also include specifics about payment terms (such as whether payments are due at certain stages of completion) and what happens if one party fails to meet their obligations under the contract.

How do I know if a painter is good?

When you’re looking for a painter, the first thing you should do is ask for references. A good painter will be happy to give you references from other customers, and will gladly invite you to contact them. You can then call these references and ask about the experience of working with the painter—things like time, cost, quality of work, etc.

If the painter has consistently done good work for other people in the past and can provide positive references, he or she should be a great option for you. A bad painter won’t be eager to give out these references, or may even avoid them altogether.

What do contractors use on the ceiling for paint?

As with any project, it depends on the contractor and their preferred material. The pros I’ve spoken to all favour a roll-on texture material over paint.

In many cases, they use a similar product to what painters use on walls – the roll-on texture is similar to roll-on paint, but it sets up hard and fast so it can be rolled on thick like stucco or plaster. You’ll often find it in different colours at the local home improvement store. It comes in cans or buckets, just like paint does, and it’s usually cheaper than paint (especially if you consider that you don’t have to tape off the ceiling).

Are our painting quotes negotiable?

if you’ve never done it before, negotiating the price of something can be nerve-wracking. You don’t want to insult the painter, but you also want to get a good deal. When you’re working with a contractor or even an individual who has their own business and is looking for work, there’s an expectation that you might negotiate the price of their work. It’s only natural to want to get the best deal possible.

However, when it comes down to it, prices are generally negotiable in this industry because the number one priority is keeping your client happy. If you have a good relationship with them, they may be more willing to give you a break on price in exchange for your repeat business.

What to expect from exterior painters?

Exterior painting is a job that requires a wide range of skills. The painter must be able to prep, prime, paint and caulk at a high level of quality. In addition to this, the exterior painter must also be able to work in the elements of weather, climbing ladders and working at heights.

Are our professional painters worth it?

Professional painters might seem like an expensive luxury, but there are a few cases where they’re worth the money. If you have a painting that you love, but it has minor damage that you’re not sure how to handle on your own, then you should consider hiring a professional.

A lot of people will say that if you have “a little bit of talent” or know “some basic tricks,” then you can fix it yourself—but this isn’t always true. Painting over damaged paint is difficult; making sure the colour and sheen are uniform with only subtle differences (I.e., not glaringly obvious) is an acquired skill that requires practice and patience.

Is it cheaper to paint yourself or hire a painter?

When it comes to painting, the first issue you’ll probably have to consider is whether you are better off doing it yourself or hiring someone else. There are many factors behind this, and my general rule of thumb is that if the job is bigger than a bedroom or bathroom, it’s well worth your time to hire a painter.

The larger an area you paint, especially if you’re working with a lot of trim or other details, the more easily mistakes can be made. You could easily end up with drips on your walls or imperfect clean-up that takes more time than the actual painting did.

Is there a difference between ceiling paint and wall paint?

Ceiling paint and wall paint have different uses, and there are some important differences between the two types of paint. Ceiling paint, for example, is designed to handle a ceiling’s specific environment, which typically involves high humidity and temperature swings. It should be applied to a dry surface that is free of dust and other contaminants, and the walls should be clean as well.

On the other hand, wall paint is best suited to a wall’s typical environment—an average home has a 20-30% humidity level and an indoor temperature that hovers around 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature in your home will hit its highest levels during the summer, but the most humid months of the year are typical during springtime or late fall. Wall paint is also used on interior walls that tend to be very dirty—such as those in bathrooms or kitchens—because it’s more forgiving than ceiling paint when it comes to dirt or other contamination.

Ceiling paints are only available in white or off-white colours, while wall paints come in colours ranging from eggshell white to black. The durability of ceiling paints makes them a good choice for high-traffic areas or rooms where you’ll be eating food or beverages that could splatter onto the surface.

Should ceilings be painted flat or satin?

it depends. Flat paint may not be ideal for accent walls but can certainly enhance ceilings and other large areas. To decide which type of paint to use, consider the appearance you want in each space.

Why do contractors use flat paint?

The short answer is that flat paint is easier to clean. You see, when you paint a room, the paint has a way of getting everywhere—on walls, on the floor, on furniture, and even on your clothes. Flat paint is better for clean-up because it doesn’t have any sheen or gloss to catch onto rough surfaces and make cleaning more difficult. It’s also easier to apply with less surface tension than semi-gloss or glossy paints, requiring less skill from the painter wielding the roller.

What does contractor-grade paint mean?

Contractor-grade paint is regular paint with a higher sheen, so it’s great for doing touch-ups around the house or when you’re painting a whole room, but it shouldn’t be used if you’re painting detailed trim. The higher sheen also means that it’ll stand up to weather better, so if you’re painting an exterior door or any other kind of exterior woodwork that’s going to get a lot of abuse from the elements, contractor-grade is the way to go.

How do you paint a house right?

Painting a house can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. With these five steps, you can paint your home and add a new presence and new energy to your property.

  1. Get the right tools for the job.
  2. Prepare the house for painting.
  3. Apply good quality paint to the walls.
  4. Tape off areas that don’t need to be painted.
  5. Paint a great finish coat.